Thursday, February 15, 2007

Let No Man Speak It's Name

A couple of months ago, a Moslem drove an SUV into a crowd of Jews. The media - drive-by types - could not imagine how this happened. We were assured that the obvious religious implications were not determinative.

The other day, a Bosnian Muslim went to a shopping mall and began shooting people. The Drive-By's were all in a lather trying to figure out what it was that this young man had in his head before he went into a public place and began to murder innocent strangers. They interviewed his family, who all spoke of what a nice kid the guy was, and who were just as puzzled as could be by his behavior. Oddly, no one, not even the conservative talk-show hosts have thought to use the "Terrorist" title for either of these men. If they had done the same things in Israel, or Iraq, no one would have batted an eye. We are engaged in a war against terrorism, the enemy are Islamic terrorists, but when Muslims (foreign born, no less) kill innocent people here, it appears to be too far a stretch for our media to connect those particular dots.

The Cole, the Khobar Towers, the World Trade Center (twice) - and no one thinks "terrorism" when Muslims murder the innocent in America? Let some yahoo blow up a building in Oklahoma, and they have no problem - but he was white, and non-Muslim. Islamic terrorism must be one of those things that happens somewhere else - not in America - unless Homeland Security says it can.

Weird world, eh?

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