Saturday, February 17, 2007


I can hardly bear to read the news any longer.

Those in charge of preserving justice among us have no interest in justice: see the Justice Department and Scooter Libby.

Those in charge of our national security have no interest in national security: see border control, illegal immigration.

Those in charge of delivering information to us about the world around us are more interested in making the news than reporting it: see any main-stream, drive-by, lap-dog media outlet.

Those in charge of representing the citizens of this country wisely have no interest in representing us, they want to rule us: see the new congress - or almost any other legislative body local, state, or whatever. I mean outlawing foods?? Proposing making opinions illegal and punishable by law?? Hello? Big Brother calling.

Those responsible for preserving the sound doctrine of God's Word among us have no idea what it is about: see any denominational organization - I look at the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod's leadership and see the abdication of doctrine and truth in favor of pandering for the sake of making money.

Come, Lord Jesus!

Friday, February 16, 2007

You Can't Win

Reading the news today I see that Border Patrol agents go to jail for trying to stop drug smuggling and illegal border crossing - and now they have put a Border Patrol Agent in prison for letting illegals through.

It's so confusing!

No Movie

Last night I had a strange experience.

I awakened at 5:05 AM, only casually aware of the time because I was really focused on the fact that I could not inhale! I cannot say how long it took me to open my windpipe - it seemed significantly long. It is this flu, and the mucus had congealed in my throat and simply blocked off my air.

I got up, and then sat down again, all the while earnestly trying to inhale. I messaged my throat, and finally I took a drink of ice water (on the bedstand), and that opened enough of a passage (somehow) that I could carefully inhale a lung-full of air to cough the blockage loose. I had pins and needles all over my body. It took about a half-an-hour to return to equilibrium and feel that laying down again was worth the risk.

It was interesting, in an urgent sort of way. I don't recommend trying it out just for the experience, though. My mind does not go to panic in such circumstances - faulty wiring, I suppose. I get real calm and analytical. That is how I thought of the water. I also was contemplating the consequence of failing to find air. I am prepared for that, one day, too, thanks to Jesus showing the way.

But my life never did flash before my eyes. I was a little disappointed. If you're going to take that trip, the least they could do is let you watch the in-flight movie!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Let No Man Speak It's Name

A couple of months ago, a Moslem drove an SUV into a crowd of Jews. The media - drive-by types - could not imagine how this happened. We were assured that the obvious religious implications were not determinative.

The other day, a Bosnian Muslim went to a shopping mall and began shooting people. The Drive-By's were all in a lather trying to figure out what it was that this young man had in his head before he went into a public place and began to murder innocent strangers. They interviewed his family, who all spoke of what a nice kid the guy was, and who were just as puzzled as could be by his behavior. Oddly, no one, not even the conservative talk-show hosts have thought to use the "Terrorist" title for either of these men. If they had done the same things in Israel, or Iraq, no one would have batted an eye. We are engaged in a war against terrorism, the enemy are Islamic terrorists, but when Muslims (foreign born, no less) kill innocent people here, it appears to be too far a stretch for our media to connect those particular dots.

The Cole, the Khobar Towers, the World Trade Center (twice) - and no one thinks "terrorism" when Muslims murder the innocent in America? Let some yahoo blow up a building in Oklahoma, and they have no problem - but he was white, and non-Muslim. Islamic terrorism must be one of those things that happens somewhere else - not in America - unless Homeland Security says it can.

Weird world, eh?

There Oughta Be a Law!

I just received an invitation to join a class-action settlement. I am not actually eligible, since this is for people charging things in foreign lands, but it is instructive. I get invited to one or more of these parties every year or two.

What gripes me is that a class-action suit is merely a gimmick for making lawyers rich(er). This one has a settlement pool of 318 million dollars -- of which the lawyers will first extract their "costs" of administering the settlement and notice of the settlement, plus interest. They will also be able to charge for their "expenses" up to a limit of 5 million dollars. Then, out of what remains, they are "requesting" (a euphemism for demanding) 27.5 percent, a piddling $87,450,000.00 (give or take for what they have already withdrawn from the settlement fund).

The last one of these I paid any attention to had a larger settlement pool, and when all was said and done, I got a note saying that my portion worked out to be $.19, which was eaten up in sending me the notice of the settlement distribution.

I think class action lawsuits should either be illegal, or the lawyers should be entitled by law to no more than the average amount received by the members of the settlement class.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ill Health

Last Saturday - a week almost - I got this season's crud, flu, or whatever. It comes in waves. I was sicker than the proverbial dog on Saturday, felt better on Sunday, was afraid I was going to live through it on Monday, not too bad on Tuesday, not so good today.

The only thing worse than how I feel is reading about the political jackals that want to see our nation lose a war for their own political advantage. As I work out my tax forms, I wonder why "taxation without representation is tyranny" isn't a legitimate tax deduction. Oh, for a politician with conviction and more concern for our nation than their own political fortunes.

I think I will just go back to bed.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

They'll Kill You

My congregation is small, and so I am required to pursue alternative sources of income from time to time. Right now, that means substitute teaching. I have 'subbed' in high school, elementary, grades 5, 4, & 3, and just recently in Kindergarten!

The toughest by far is the Kindergarten! They will kill you if you are not prepared. Kindergarten Cop (the movie) underplayed the issue - although I felt just like Schwartzenagger looked after his first day. WOW.

They have boundless energy. They have a million questions. They have not quite learned to sit and listen. Some of them are incapable of following directions unless you are standing right over them. It is not that they are not bright - they ARE. The problem is that they haven't learned school yet.

I had one kid I helped find a number on a chart of 100 -- ten rows of tens - 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, and, well you get the idea. This young lady couldn't find 36, so I showed her how to find the six in the top row and trace down the column with her finger to the 36. She did it easily, and was delighted to accomplish the task. I returned to the front of the room and gave them a new number to find, 44. As I led the class through the same series of instructions, find the four in the top row, and trace down to the 44, the young lady couldn't quite get it done. The entire day went like that, with different children having different challenges.

I don't know what they pay the regular Kindergarten teacher, but it isn't nearly what she is worth!