Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Change Comes Sweeping In

The world ended last night.

Actually just the world as we thought it was came crashing down. The American Public convincingly declared to the world at large that it will not support a war, however decently conducted, however limited in casualties, however essential for our own national security. No allies need be confused by America puffing out its chest and declaring its intentions. We will not stand firm.

The war in Iraq is relatively tame - but the coverage of it is brutal and dishonest. And the voting public has decided that it would rather not deal with reality -- nor face any prolonged effort - even if the effort is for the safety and long-term interests of the nation as a whole.

We might as well disband the military - the only use approved of by our voters is the short-term, social service use -- and gigantic tantrums in those rare moment of national distress.

My prayer last night was that God would give us what we need, not what we deserved. I think God decided to give us what we deserve. My only comfort is that what God ordains is always good, and I firmly believe that God is in charge.

That does not mean, however, that what God has ordained for America is going to be pleasant to live through.

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