Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Comforable Illusions

I watch the news, and I am impressed by the number of notions that we seem to share as a society that are not true.

That this nation is a free country:  We have a history of freedom, but our liberties are being taken from us daily by laws regulating behavior which is rightly of no concern to others, and by taxes that seek to impose the values of another on the populace, and by a news media which fails in its duty so abysmally and deliberately.

That 'We, the people' exercise significant political power.  That power exists, but it it is muted by politicians who disregard the will of their constituents once they are elected (with the willing complicity of the Media), by politically owned machines that disable the election process - as in Minnesota this year, or Washington state a few years back, and by a double standard of justice which makes what is a scandal for a Republican into a political virtue for a democrat, and always expects morality and decency from one party and excuses the bald lack of it from the other.

That you can depend of the news Media for anything resembling truth or honesty.

That "good people" tend to think alike.  The fact is that when most Americans are confronted by the truth, they choose to believe something else - and don't want to know, for fear that it will upset them.

It makes life a challenge.  We need to deal with reality as it is, not with myths which put us to sleep.