Sunday, February 06, 2011

A New Trend?

I have noticed recently that fewer and fewer of the Obits list church affiliation for the "dearly departed".

It started with fewer services being held for the departed at any church.  Now it is rare to find a church mentioned in the obituary.  I have also noticed that there seems to be an increase in no funeral or memorial service at all.  The obit simply tells us that beloved so-and-so has died, and will be fondly remembered, and so forth.  Sometimes it says, explicitly, that there will be no service.  Sometimes the mention of any funeral or burial is simply lacking.

I see this as a measure of our culture.  Faith is waning.  People have more generally accepted the evolutionary idea that we are just life forms, and that life is limited to this realm.  The hope or hunger for the eternal has been morphed into the fascination with "ghosts" and the paranormal.

On a similar vein, our local animal rescue establishment is ever expanding, but the local 'help the needy' effort, which is - oddly enough - located right next door to the animal rescue establishment, is small and struggles for support.  It would appear that those cute little animals are more worthy of charity and assistance than our fellow human beings.

Our society is sick, and getting sicker.  Pray for us!

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