Thursday, March 15, 2007

A New Direction

I humbly offer the Democratic Party a new vision for their policy. Having listened to the anti-war rhetoric of the past couple of months, I suggest the following:

Suspend Homeland security, bring the soldiers home, and disband the military. Take no further action for the ostensible purpose of national security until some enemy perpetrates a truly grievous attack on our nation. Since the 3,000 deaths of 9/11 have been declared to be "not that serious" by spokesmen of the Left, we should establish a "tragedy threshold" of not less than 10,000 deaths in any single attack. We shall not determine the seriousness of the attack by the aggregate of several individual attacks, but only respond to those attacks that kill more than 10,000 Americans at one time. Those interested in terrorism which will not transcend the ordinary law enforcement level of concern should limit their potential targets to 5,000 at at time. Americans, tired of pictures showing human suffering, and unwilling to listen to Democrats whining and demagoguery, can then simply 'soldier on' past insignificant and relatively meaningless assaults which kill mere thousands of people.

Think of the savings! No need for military expenses. Police will probably be unnecessary too, since "merely" 3,000 deaths is not worth our attention, day to day crime, and non-tragedy-level terrorism should not trouble us overly much. The Anti-American elements of our nation will find little to protest, since such policies will certainly end our national existence - and those who take over after the Untied States falls will likely not endure their protests. Then they will have what they long for, and those who find national security too bothersome to pay attention to will find that they will not be bothered by security again for a long time.

And our mainstream news media will be able to celebrate their final victory, which, oddly enough, will also probably result in their demise as free press - the one bright spot in this vision of the future.

Unfortunately, the good, hard-working people who make this nation function would suffer alongside - and probably more than the dysfunctional and disaffected who cannot tolerate prosperity and freedom. I thank God that He does not give us what we deserve (and what many who cannot think clearly seek), but blesses us instead.

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