Monday, March 05, 2007

The Function of Faith

One could easily become despondent in modern society. It appears to be managed by the insane. Political leaders, charged with cultivating the political conditions best suited for our collective well-being as a nation - appear to act on the principle of self- aggrandizement and perpetuation of personal power. The news media, often presented as the watchmen of our society, bound to deliver truth to a free people so that they may act in ways congruent with their freedom, behave as advocates for insanity, and clearly oppose freedom for everyone aside from themselves.

We have Global Warming (it MUST be capitalized) as the boogey-man. The science is almost totally absent, but the politics are clear - and the intended effect is the diminution of personal liberty, so it is a media agenda item of first importance, and the darling of the "moonbat" politico's. The nanny state is busy regulating where one may smoke, and which cooking oils may be used, while the fanatics who seek our death and destruction are ignored or coddled - whether from south of the border or the Middle East. Our leaders seem more interested in undoing the marvelous American Experiment in personal liberty by restrictive laws and rising taxes than actually representing the people that elected them. And schools seem more interested in indoctrination in anti-American and anti-capitalistic polemic than education in "the three 'r's".

Faith steps in here - as in any circumstance - to remind us that our hope is not in man but in God, our true home is not in this world but in eternal life with our Lord. "Trust not in princes", so says the Bible. That would include elected officials. Our Hope, our Peace, and our Comfort is not in our circumstances here. He (not "it") is Christ.

That doesn't mean we abandon this world, or the fight in it for freedom and human well-being in the political sense. Those are worthy battles, and the ability to engage in them without the fear of the "knock on the door in the middle of the night" is great gift of God for all in this country. We should take full advantage of the gift and do what we can -- but our peace of mind and true joy come from knowing that God is in charge, that life is never out of His control, however it may seem to us at any particular moment, and that better awaits us ultimately. Faith comforts fear. Faith emboldens us for the daily battle for our neighbor's benefit. Faith enables us to risk, because our battle has already been won decisively - and we have been given a share in His victory!

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