Saturday, February 17, 2007


I can hardly bear to read the news any longer.

Those in charge of preserving justice among us have no interest in justice: see the Justice Department and Scooter Libby.

Those in charge of our national security have no interest in national security: see border control, illegal immigration.

Those in charge of delivering information to us about the world around us are more interested in making the news than reporting it: see any main-stream, drive-by, lap-dog media outlet.

Those in charge of representing the citizens of this country wisely have no interest in representing us, they want to rule us: see the new congress - or almost any other legislative body local, state, or whatever. I mean outlawing foods?? Proposing making opinions illegal and punishable by law?? Hello? Big Brother calling.

Those responsible for preserving the sound doctrine of God's Word among us have no idea what it is about: see any denominational organization - I look at the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod's leadership and see the abdication of doctrine and truth in favor of pandering for the sake of making money.

Come, Lord Jesus!

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