Friday, February 16, 2007

No Movie

Last night I had a strange experience.

I awakened at 5:05 AM, only casually aware of the time because I was really focused on the fact that I could not inhale! I cannot say how long it took me to open my windpipe - it seemed significantly long. It is this flu, and the mucus had congealed in my throat and simply blocked off my air.

I got up, and then sat down again, all the while earnestly trying to inhale. I messaged my throat, and finally I took a drink of ice water (on the bedstand), and that opened enough of a passage (somehow) that I could carefully inhale a lung-full of air to cough the blockage loose. I had pins and needles all over my body. It took about a half-an-hour to return to equilibrium and feel that laying down again was worth the risk.

It was interesting, in an urgent sort of way. I don't recommend trying it out just for the experience, though. My mind does not go to panic in such circumstances - faulty wiring, I suppose. I get real calm and analytical. That is how I thought of the water. I also was contemplating the consequence of failing to find air. I am prepared for that, one day, too, thanks to Jesus showing the way.

But my life never did flash before my eyes. I was a little disappointed. If you're going to take that trip, the least they could do is let you watch the in-flight movie!

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