Monday, July 23, 2012

How Do You Identify a Hypocrite?

He (or she) would be the one who says something that is inconsistent with his own actions.

The “Green Crowd” holds Earth Day rallies and tries to impress us with their pro-environment, anti-carbon-footprint message, while running generators that spew exhaust into the air at terrific rates.

The “save the animals” crowd wear leather.

The “we must dramatically reduce the economy” crowd - Van Jones and Henry Kissinger, et al., live rich and opulent lives.  They don’t really want us all to stop using petroleum products, to reduce our consuming, and to live with less consumption – they want to do as much consuming as they can, they just want us “common folk” to have access to less.

The “fix healthcare” crowd doesn’t want to change their healthcare – just ours.  So Congress exempts itself, and the President and select others from the abysmal law they want to foist on ‘We, the People’.

I am in favor of one size fits all.  If the law applies to anyone, it must apply to everyone equally.  And we need a new enforcement system that will arrest congressmen and even the President if they - or he - should break the law.  We the People need protection from those who are elected to serve us but choose to lie to us, take advantage of us, and abuse us.  The President, our Senators, and our Congressmen and women (and all their staff and appointees) need to be subject to the law and liable to arrest and prosecution just like any citizen, or we do not have a free country, or a representative republic, but an oligarchy.

Those who say one thing and do another are hypocrites - and often dangerous.

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