Monday, January 03, 2011

A Moment of Sorrow

This year I did not receive the annual pocket calendar from CPH.  When I inquired of my friends, they told me that CPH was eliminating them.
I am just writing to express my sorrow -- and my thanks.  My sorrow that they will no longer be available.  I have looked at the regrettable replacement offered by CPH in the form of the online calendar.  Sadly, I cannot fit that into my pocket , and I, unlike my better compensated brethren, cannot afford those cute electronic devices that can access the web and fit into a pocket.
I want to express my thanks for the thirty years of calendars that I have enjoyed.  The one thing that had not changed in my ministry over the thirty years was my dependence on my "brain in my pocket" - the memory helper of that burgundy calendar.  I can track through the past thirty-plus years in the pages of those calendars, most of which I still have on my bookshelf.  I will make do with something else.  It will be a minor inconvenience, and a constant nagging pain for a while, but such is life at times.
Thanks again to Concordia Publishing House for the years of calendars in the past.  I am sorry you that CPH has decided to stop serving the church in that specific way.  I understand some of the likely reasons.  It is just a point of sorrow that it is to be no longer.

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