Saturday, August 18, 2007

Anne Rice

The author of the Vampire stories professes a change to being a Christian. I hope for her sake that it is true. Still, on her blog, Anne, she still tries to defend her artistic vision when writing An Interview with a Vampire, and the subsequent books. Okay, perhaps I can swallow that.

Now she is taking the position of being a pro-life Christian, who is a Democrat, and most admires Hillary Clinton as a candidate for President. This stance is way too much for me. I understand political devotion, but it is not consistent to be pro-life and support a strongly pro-abortion candidate. Then she says that she believes that the only hope for pro-life positions is with the Democratic party. That is the party that has made pro-choice (meaning pro-abortion) the litmus test.

Politics aside, these positions are not intellectually consistent.

A Small Aside: As I typed this post, with Anne Rice's site in another window, suddenly "Ave Maria" began in the background. Surely this woman cannot take her political stance as a serious Catholic?


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Anne Rice said...

Perhaps the first temptation every returning Christian faces is to condemn another Christian. We seem prompted by the Devil continuously to question other Christians as to their orthodoxy or sincerity. Or are we prompted by our guardian angels? I don't know. But Hillary is out of the race, I am still adamantly pro-life and pro-Democrat, and went Mass last Saturday evening as usual, visiting the altar of Our Lady to light candles for those who've written to me during the week as well as my family. I wish you well. Anne Rice.