Thursday, November 09, 2006

No Sense of History

What really fries me is that our pundits and our leaders - and most of the electorate - have no sense of history. They may be able to look back with some skill, but they have no concept - or concern - about what is coming five or ten years down the road.

The Democrats were the voice of Islamic terrorism in America. To stand against the president, which they were determined to do, they had to stand with America's enemies. They brought aid and comfort to the enemy, as Ted Kennedy did by seeking the help of Soviets in obstructing Reagan, when they parroted the terrorist talking points and asked for the sort peace that terrorists want to give, the peace of the submission to our enemies.

The Democratic Party victory in the elections gave all the right signals to our enemies. The people elected have loudly promised negotiation and withdrawal to people who understand those actions as capitulation and defeat. We may or may not suffer immediately. Five or ten years down the road, we will suffer the results of this without a doubt. Our allies know that they cannot trust American resolve to do anything other than imitate the French and run, hands held high in surrender, for the momentary peace of dhimmitude. It is not the ruling class that is responsible for this alone. The voters said, "We don't give a damn what you do, just stop the pictures of destruction and the drumbeat of a failed war."

Funny thing is, the war hasn't failed - isn't failing. We simply voted to quit, and betrayed the Iraq Veterans in precisely the same way as we betrayed the Vietnam Veterans. So, once again, we have snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory -- and just in time!!

Five or ten years from now, allies to fight terror are going to be much harder to find. But the enemy will not be. They know, with absolute empirical certainty, that we will quit, surrender, and give up in the face of prolonged turmoil. The Media will assure it, since they despise our existence, security, and wealth. No one, in their opinion, should have what Americans have in comparison to the rest of the world -- except themselves, perhaps. Democrats, and any other politician who will set personal interest above national security, will seal the deal. And the public that cannot be bothered to know what is actually going on will insist on it.

Reagan's Conservatism may not be dead, but the America he saw; noble, fearless, and just, died over the last six years of Media and Democrat sponsored terrorism against George Bush. The elections were merely the obituary being read. At this point, it really doesn't matter if we recover temporarily or not. We surrendered on Tuesday.

Great cultures and societies inevitably choose their own demise. The Democrats, both in office and in the voting booth, have selected ours.

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